C2C Marketing was founded in 2011.

We are all about Performance Marketing.

Performance (to us) means to 'deliver what we promise, to do it properly, professionally, politely and in timely fashion. We don't waste anyone's time.'

Marketing means 'to research the interests, desires and needs of individuals and to promote to them only products and services which are relevant and which offer real value.  No SPAM, no bait-and-switch, no hidden fees, no empty promises, no baloney.'

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, our team is comprised of individuals with deep experience in customer acquisition, lead generation, performance marketing, Internet commerce, as well as the technologies that make it all possible. We have operated (collectively) hundreds of websites offering products and services globally, both as beneficial owners and in partnership with leading corporate partners.

We help individuals find what they are looking for. We help our corporate partners get their brands, products and services to the front of the line.